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A stocktake for IM

Just to review what I’m gonna be doing for the essay component of the course assessment: Individual mark (20%) Week 13 Individuals receiving the highest grades will submit an excellent individual report, which: Is well-written and coherent Demonstrates successful capacity for ‘practice based learning’ and reflection Delivers clear learning insights Engages with the key ideas explored … Continue reading

Research and Ideas

I just stepped into tute late and did my personal presentation. Honestly, I have almost no clue what I just said. LOL. Ok well, having the IM2 blog as reference definitely helped and having ideas already perpetually floating around my head helps as well. So here’s what we are doing now for this week’s tute: ASSESSMENT … Continue reading

Tweeter for life (for now)

With all the stuff we’ve been doing for Integrated Media, I realise it would be helpful to reflect on my own Twitter usage. People and organisations use Twitter for a myriad of reasons and purposes. Speaking with Marius in IM2 tute today, I realise again how many different ways people use Twitter. Just to point … Continue reading

Greening continues

So we’re back after our pseudo break week and lunging into Week 7 now. Just a quick stocktake of sorts of how we’re doing for our Nutrigreeners project: I think we have been doing well with the Tumblr and Twitter, having hit 55 followers on Twitter now. But our Facebook is pretty much.. dead-ish. And … Continue reading


Lemme start off with this: ONCE Useful as, and SO true. Just do it now. Anyways, today was a long but pretty productive day, me thinks :) Returned the Canon 550D after a weekend of fun with it, and returned the zoom too. Film-TV lecture was good, we watched lots of snippets of docos. Man, … Continue reading

IM Week 4

Week 5 looms! The deliverables for next week are: – Projectname, members, theme (DONE) – The callout (WIP) – Target communities /ppl we wanna involve (where, how to approach, what environment, type of communication), and why (WIP) – Twitter, Tumblr, FB, all with preliminary posts (WIP) – Text description of magazine / a story / … Continue reading

Late night life

Nope, this isn’t gonna be a post about clubbing or getting krunk and all that crap. (read: hate clubs, like me some alcohol) I have come to a rather definite conclusion: I can never be bored. And fortunately and unfortunately, I seem to always end up finding awesome sites/posts/articles when I’m using the ol’ lappy at … Continue reading

Nutrigreeners ftw!

So… my groupmate Pavita has left the course, and now I’ve a new group! Am grouped with KB, Damien and Herald now. I wanna just document our discussion right here. Magazine: Nutrigreen :) Theme: Nutritional and eco-friendliness, with a food focus – About the journey of food: from farm to counter to plate – Being … Continue reading