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The MIFF 2012 Diary Part 2

Side By Side. I have not enough words. Or maybe I do. I was gonna do a backtrack post for 7 Days in Havana and Ernest & Celestine but this… this was too amazing not to blog about first. Walking into Kino Cinema, I expected a much larger venue because of the topic of this … Continue reading

RIP Senna

I had the privilege of watching Senna today, courtesy of RMIT’s awesome free lunchtime movie screenings.  I would have to say, it did rekindle my love for documentaries. Not that it ever really died out, but I haven’t really watched many since last November. Firstly, I must say, the audio mixing and music is brilliant. … Continue reading

To Do: Make a doco. CHECK.

Last time making a film as an RMIT student. First time shooting and lighting a film. First colour grading job. Our first doco. Done. And I can’t wait to see everyone else’s on Thursday :) We’ve been chatting so much about so many blogable things the past weeks, just that by the time we get … Continue reading

Gems from the Miyazaki

“Our work…I don’t want to see it as a business. But i always bear in mind that our work matters only if it entertains the audience. The 21st century is a tricky time. Our future isn’t clear. We need to re-examine many things we’ve taken for granted. Whether it’s common sense or our way of … Continue reading

Of MIFF & new learning journeys

I’m just about off to ACMI to catch my first MIFF 2011 film (also my first MIFF film anywho). So stoked! It’s gonna be Into Eternity, a doco about the nuclear waste problem in Onkalo and about the future… -looks into the distance for dramatic effect- I deliberated with myself for a while whether or … Continue reading

Shall we begin

Wow. My. last. university. semester. (most likely) EVER. This is so surreal. Anyways, I just wanna blog now, while everything’s still kinda fresh-ish, and attempt to develop a good habit of regularly blogging. So HALLELUJAH, with fast fingers and enough adrenaline, I managed to get all the lectures & tutes for my 3 main courses/modules squished into … Continue reading

Mood making magic

I love how sound plays such a integral part of film. For our True Lies screening this week, we watched So Close, directed by Abbas Kiarostami. (K I won’t go into detail of explaining what the film was about.) In tute, we talked about in the second last scene of the film, when Hossein Sabzian, the … Continue reading