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Beauty of humanity #1

*brushes away huge accumulation of cobwebs* Regular blogging during summer break: FAIL. But I have been inspired to start again after visiting the WordPress site last night and doing what I always do when I first open WordPress – read Freshly Pressed posts! The world, including all that’s in the ginormity of cyberspace, is simply … Continue reading

Review: Blown Away (1994)

Okay, I’ve finally gotten around to opening up this Add New Post page and finally getting my ass working into updating this blog. Am watching Stephen Hopkins’s Blown Away right now (live blogging baby!) on 7mate. Will keep blogging or review at all at once later. So… laters! — WOAH. Tommy Lee Jones just used … Continue reading

More on the screening and docos

While taking a break from my Asian essay, I checked out some of my classmates blogs (how stalkerish eh), just to see what people said about the screening. And I realise I forgot to mention some notable ones: The other 2 docos from people in my tute! Derby Days turned out better than the last cut … Continue reading


Lemme start off with this: ONCE Useful as, and SO true. Just do it now. Anyways, today was a long but pretty productive day, me thinks :) Returned the Canon 550D after a weekend of fun with it, and returned the zoom too. Film-TV lecture was good, we watched lots of snippets of docos. Man, … Continue reading

IM Week 4

Week 5 looms! The deliverables for next week are: – Projectname, members, theme (DONE) – The callout (WIP) – Target communities /ppl we wanna involve (where, how to approach, what environment, type of communication), and why (WIP) – Twitter, Tumblr, FB, all with preliminary posts (WIP) – Text description of magazine / a story / … Continue reading

Shall we begin

Wow. My. last. university. semester. (most likely) EVER. This is so surreal. Anyways, I just wanna blog now, while everything’s still kinda fresh-ish, and attempt to develop a good habit of regularly blogging. So HALLELUJAH, with fast fingers and enough adrenaline, I managed to get all the lectures & tutes for my 3 main courses/modules squished into … Continue reading

The participation review

Last tute of IM1! How surreal. Anyway, we’re supposed to blog about our participation right now. Seth’s taking about trust and responsibility to ourselves and about blogging in a semi-public environment. “It’s not about marks, but reputation.” SO… here goes. Reviewing my previous post on participation criteria. I had 5 criteria for participation: – I think … Continue reading

Says who, imma asking you

I was just pondering a couple of days back about the video tasks we’ve been doing for IM. I wondered about how and what I could do to make the videos more… meaningful. Add narrative? Add effects? With better editing? What if I didn’t use music for once? Today’s lecture (lecture 5 already?!) was a … Continue reading

Film-TV: the first think-aloud

After all the initial flooding of posts related to Integrated Media, I reckon I should really start giving Film-TV some love around this blog. (I must add, it’s quite handy having one blog for both courses, makes ‘work managing’ that much easier.) When we were told that we are required to blog regularly as a … Continue reading

Skeptical about delicious widget-ing

Alright I’m still figuring out how to work this whole WordPress thingy, having never used this server before. And as I’m just about to add delicious to my widgets, I’m actually rather skeptical about whether to add tagrolls or linkrolls. For the simple reason that my delicious has WAY too many Disney/animation/cartoony bookmarks. I went … Continue reading