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More on the screening and docos

While taking a break from my Asian essay, I checked out some of my classmates blogs (how stalkerish eh), just to see what people said about the screening. And I realise I forgot to mention some notable ones: The other 2 docos from people in my tute! Derby Days turned out better than the last cut … Continue reading

Presenting… Angus’ Day

So… after the hard work we put in, taking videos, deciding on categories and themes, adding effects and converting all the videos to  standard size, sourcing for suitable music, and most of all, working with Korsakow and 60+ videos… OUR K-FILM IS DONE! Enjoy :) Angus’ Day A K-film by Alene Tan, Ally Hamilton, and … Continue reading

Alene had a productive day

I finally did what Seth suggested to us last week and went to check out ‘LOOK!’, the Australian picture book exhibition currently on-going at State Library. And oh, it was lovely. Probably the first thing I noticed  was how plain, simple, clear, and sometimes cheesy, writing for children is. And how some were long, some … Continue reading

The participation review

Last tute of IM1! How surreal. Anyway, we’re supposed to blog about our participation right now. Seth’s taking about trust and responsibility to ourselves and about blogging in a semi-public environment. “It’s not about marks, but reputation.” SO… here goes. Reviewing my previous post on participation criteria. I had 5 criteria for participation: – I think … Continue reading

Trying to find a balance (part 1)

So yesterday was our last IM lecture *sniff sniff* There were like only maybe 10 people in the lecture… I don’t get it. I love uni, I love lectures, I especially love that IM lectures aren’t like most higher education lectures that spoon-feeding us with information, though there is always good in learning new stuff. … Continue reading


Found another blog post about something DEFINITELY childhood related – going to Disneyland :) Totally something close to my heart, cos’ (if I haven’t already mentioned before) I literally grew up with Disney… and am still majorly in love with Disney. Anyway, okay yeah so the blog post was obviously by the mom and from … Continue reading

Testing one two three

I think we’re going pretty well with our project so far :) We did up our own Gantt chart today, just to have better project management and have a clearer view as to how we’re gonna go about doing everything. We’re using Dropbox, Google Docs and our FB group for sharing our media and for … Continue reading

Rediscover new joy

Came across this blog with this beautiful poem: We often hide and tie down our childhood in shadows and duty. Instead Reclaim the innocence of play rediscovering movement to new joy here and now. Reclaim. Rediscover. Simple joys in life. Dance like no one is watching :)

Moving forward with childhood

Hallelujah for us! Our group had a rather fruitful meeting today. Am really loving our theme – “the joys of childhood” So one of the first things we talked about was the 3000-word essay (thank GOD it’s a group essay, not individual). And we realised that our theme actually fits more into statement 7, rather … Continue reading