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Don’t stop me now

Links. Links. And… more links: “Da…?” Stanley Kubrick cinemagraphs and a tutorial on how to make your own cinemagraph! Beatles tribute in cupcakes. Uh, YUM?! Stop motion NERDIFIED – Duct tape TRON! And a brilliant music video, in Joan Gratz fashion: I also recently discovered that you can direct someone to a specific … Continue reading

Of Christmas, Narnia and stars

Yesterday, we presented our ideas for our final animation project. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s final projects. And I must say, I think I’m starting to like my idea a lot more. After toying around with some initial ideas of a New Orleans vibe, guy chilling on his front porch or fishing type … Continue reading

Taking time to be inspired

Final project presentation in 2 weeks. Hmmm. I want to make something really… cool. Or that means something special. Or something. I just realised looking through my own work for animation so far, i really gotta work on timing. And get over the habit of having to move something every single frame. Hmmm i really … Continue reading

For the lack/love of sleep

My first claymation animation! With a new puppet! Ok I actually really don’t like it. The movements are way too jerky, timing’s not very good, and i couldn’t do as much as i initially wanted to with the puppet cos’ it couldn’t stand very well. But i was kinda ‘rushing’ to finish the assignment for … Continue reading

Tweeter for life (for now)

With all the stuff we’ve been doing for Integrated Media, I realise it would be helpful to reflect on my own Twitter usage. People and organisations use Twitter for a myriad of reasons and purposes. Speaking with Marius in IM2 tute today, I realise again how many different ways people use Twitter. Just to point … Continue reading

Two things on my mind

SO. BRILLIANT. A stop motion within a stop motion. Completely inspired. Tiny sushi. And yeah, i’m still craving some bloody awesome Jap food since watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I’m dreaming of sushi toooo….. -pauses for mild whiney moment- Film and food. Two glorious things I’m somewhat indulging in during this ‘break’.

Meet me halfway

WEEK 6 NOW. Dang. So a little update on uni life/work so far… ANIMATION I’m SO glad i’m done with making a clay puppet for animation. My first claymation puppet :’) Ok it looks weird and strange (cos’ the head’s too small and i was slightly lazy to redo it) but i’ll make do with … Continue reading

Gems from the Miyazaki

“Our work…I don’t want to see it as a business. But i always bear in mind that our work matters only if it entertains the audience. The 21st century is a tricky time. Our future isn’t clear. We need to re-examine many things we’ve taken for granted. Whether it’s common sense or our way of … Continue reading

Of MIFF & new learning journeys

I’m just about off to ACMI to catch my first MIFF 2011 film (also my first MIFF film anywho). So stoked! It’s gonna be Into Eternity, a doco about the nuclear waste problem in Onkalo and about the future… -looks into the distance for dramatic effect- I deliberated with myself for a while whether or … Continue reading

The Illusionist

OMG. This is still so surreal. Can’t believe I got to watch The Illusionist! Haha. (yep, geek-out moment right here) First knew about it from slashfilm and that was like in September 2009. Say whuuut?! Back then, I was just about starting my internship as an AP and getting more and more passionate about film and … Continue reading