Getting back on track (or not)

Ok. I officially digressed greatly. But now that I’m done reading my Twitter feed, I’m back on the IM2 page and reading it.

But first, time for a few notable links:

This guy is simply BRILLIANT – cleaning up art. LOVE his TED talk too :)

How 3D works. Yup… get schooled.

Taking Toy Story fandom to a whole nutha level – dude working to reeanact THE WHOLE TOY STORY. Lee Unrich tweeted the link to the video (I personally think fans should be more original, like do an alternate version or smth)

YES i wish Pee-wee’s breakfast machine were real too! – Top 10 Film Inventions

Okay… this project is super commendable. Makes me wanna try something like that too. Aahh.. for the love of films – The Blue Velvet Project

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