Lemme start off with this: ONCE
Useful as, and SO true. Just do it now.

Anyways, today was a long but pretty productive day, me thinks :)

Returned the Canon 550D after a weekend of fun with it, and returned the zoom too.

Film-TV lecture was good, we watched lots of snippets of docos. Man, i miss doing True Lies. Haha! Pondered more about my group’s idea. More on that later.

IM was useful, but i ended up taking all those notes, only to find out they’re all on the IM2 blog/website. Wow.
Thought my whole group would be no-show, cos’ Herald isn’t well today, Damien fb-ed us that he won’t be at tute like 15 min before tute or smth, and KB wasn’t around. But thank God she came! We had a very productive discussion and i really feel a lot clearer as to how the whole magazine thing will work and clearer with the direction we want our magazine to go and all. Good stuff! (All our discussions from today have gone up on our production blog :))

Somehow planning things out and putting things into better perspective makes me feel a lot more chill about uni. Like for once on a Monday i’m not stressing my ass off for logs/blogging/animating etc… or not yet, at least. Hur.

Oh! Our doco! Yeah so i was talking to Jason before the Asian Cinema screening (possibly the strangest Cinema Studies movie i have seen yet! fell asleep in between bits too, oops). And i realised that… our topic can be too broad, or too specific. And.. I realised that I’m not super into our topic just yet. Like, i don’t know if I’ll want to watch a film with as specific a topic as ours, like you know how sometimes you’re like “oh that’s something really interesting/intriguing, and I’d really love to see that”. Maybe it’s cos’ i have these perceived ideas of how our doco will be like, and I imagine the film in my head and i’m not loving on it yet. So I’m really hoping this feeling will totally change after our group meets tomorrow to chat about pre-production tomorrow.

Now Playing: The Beat Generation, Vol. 3
Discovered this gem of a CD in uni library. 1950s jazzy music and poetry recitations. Can someone say awesome?!

There’s always time for some website posts:

1980s-ish animations! You know you wanna watch some.

I like raw, imperfect stuff too. We are all human after all, and i love seeing glimpses of that in people’s work. (read: glimpses, not full-on, in-your-face incompetence. lol)

I would love for a sudden awesome influx of cash then I can put the tips in this article to use

But i’m glad i’m in media and comms, unlike these people

LOVE this article, LOVE this website (and can’t believe i only just discovered it). Wordtastic!

On a similar note, do you speak college slang too? Haha maybe way too many familiar words here

Am totally San Francisco dreaming

And this… this is spot-on what i need to be reminded of.
(uh, ok apart from reminding me about cake when I can’t be indulging in any cake of sorts for the next month)

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